Explore the Largest Performing Arts Organization in St. Louis, Missouri

Founded in 1966, The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis is a fully professional theatrical operation that belongs to the League of Resident Theaters. It is the largest performing arts organization in the city and is located in the Grand Center Arts District. The Grand Center is a hub of art and entertainment, boasting venues such as the Fox Theater, the Powell Symphony Hall (home of the St.

Louis Symphony Orchestra), the Saint Louis Museum of Contemporary Art, the Pulitzer Arts Foundation, the Sheldon Concert Hall, the Clyde C Professional Academy. Miller and Jazz St. Here, world-class talent performs and aspiring artists hone their craft. The streets are lined with eclectic venues offering everything from Broadway to Black Box Theater, from Bebop to Beethoven, from street art to galleries and everything in between.

The media's participation, attractive parks, inspiring museums and welcoming hotels complete this constantly evolving cultural crossroads. What will you discover? What attracts you? Musicals, theater, jazz, the symphony? Or maybe it's the kitchen, the galleries, the media, or seeing people for the first time. No matter the reason, drive, bike, or take a ride to the Grand Center Art District. Just west of the city center, let your adventure unfold spontaneously at this main artistic and cultural monument of San Luis. The Missouri Circus Arts Foundation is dedicated to broadening and deepening appreciation for the performing arts in St. Louis through innovative performances and educational programs using classic circus skills.

The Edison Theater serves as a teaching center for the Department of Performing Arts at the University of Washington and produces three main shows each year. The Tin Ceiling is a nonprofit organization providing alternative entertainment to St. Louis. STAGES is a regional employer of local union actors and also educates thousands of students each year at its Academy of Performing Arts. Stray Dog Theater (SDT) is committed to unleashing art through theater and community service in Saint Louis and its surrounding areas.

Unity Theatre Ensemble has achieved a thirty-nine-year history of producing classical dramas, original musicals, and experimental works with insightful intelligence and honesty that have set new standards for excellence in theatrical arts. The Touhill Performing Arts Center provides quality arts and entertainment from across all genres of performing arts. Kramer Puppets offers old art like puppets for children in an age of video games and violent cartoons. On the first Friday of each month, all museums and galleries in Grand Center Art District are free until 9 pm. Experience its energy, immerse yourself in its arts, and be part of its story that unfolds in this district where creativity knows no bounds.

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