Accessibility Services at Performing Arts Organizations in St. Louis, Missouri

Are you looking for accessibility services at performances at the performing arts organization in St. Louis, Missouri? Look no further! Seating areas to accommodate people using wheelchairs are located throughout the Mainstage House and are available at the Studio Theater. When purchasing tickets, make sure to check the seating requirements with the box office. Blind or visually impaired guests can enjoy performances and events through the audio description provided by MindsEye Radio.

MindsEye's specialized staff will translate visual descriptions of the stage, costumes and actions on stage into sound experiences using a description device. Guests can sit anywhere in the theater to use this service, and the transcriber doesn't speak above the stage dialogue. Accessible seating is available throughout the auditorium and is offered at all price levels, including our free seats. All The Muny car parks include accessible parking, with reserved spaces available on a first-come, first-served basis and requiring a state-issued license plate or license plate.

If accessible spaces are not available, the lower parking lot can be used as a pick-up and drop off point for passengers who need assistance. The Alaska Performing Arts Center (PAC) has an Accessible Services Program (ASP) to better serve customers with disabilities and people with special needs. Welcome to the Kirkwood Performing Arts Center (KPAC), a state-of-the-art facility with the capacity to host just about any type of event. In some cases, interpretation is only possible and must be requested at least 3 weeks before the performance. Like the optional subtitles of television programs, open captions present the spoken or sung parts, as well as the sound effects, of the performance in a format accessible to deaf audiences or to viewers who may have difficulty hearing clearly. The upper grille allows for theatrical lighting in any configuration, or illuminates your art exhibition in a professional way.

In performances that are presented with open subtitles, the dialogue that the actors pronounce or sing on stage is also shown in text form on an electronic screen visible from a section of the seating area. Located in the heart of bustling downtown Kirkwood, the Kirkwood Performing Arts Center features the Ross Family Theater, the Strauss Black Box Theater, a 3,800 square foot main lobby, a 1,900 square foot second-floor lobby, a 2,000-square-foot event space, and a 3,500 square-foot event lawn. To reserve your description device, let the theater group producing your performance know it when you buy your ticket (s) or at least two weeks before the performance date. The Performing Arts Center is ready to host all kinds of events, along with support spaces such as changing rooms for people with disabilities, two service stations and a catering kitchen, a changing room, bathrooms adapted for people with disabilities, two service stations and a catering kitchen. Louis, Kirkwood Theater Guild (KTG) or Winter Opera: Know your modification needs when buying tickets or at least two weeks before the event or performance. Kirkwood Arts Commission: The Kirkwood Arts Commission is a Kirkwood City Commission that promotes and sponsors the arts and participation in the arts for the benefit of the Kirkwood community.

The listening devices are kept in the room director's seat, in the lobby, before and during performances. The Muny is a 501 (c), 3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to enrich lives by producing exceptional musical theater, accessible to all, continuing its extraordinary tradition in Forest Park. To reserve your captioning device, let the theater group that produces your performance know it when you buy your ticket (s) or at least two weeks before the performance date. At performing arts organizations in St.

Louis Missouri there are many accessibility services available for those who need them. From wheelchair seating areas to audio description services provided by MindsEye Radio to open captioning for those who have difficulty hearing clearly - there are plenty of options available for those who require them. Additionally, there are accessible parking spaces available at The Muny car parks as well as changing rooms and bathrooms adapted for people with disabilities. For those who need interpretation services they must be requested at least three weeks prior to their performance date.

No matter what type of event you're attending - from musical theater to art exhibitions - there are plenty of accessibility services available at performing arts organizations in St. Louis Missouri that can help make your experience more enjoyable.

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