Special Offers and Promotions for Season Ticket Holders at St. Louis Performing Arts Center

Are you looking for special offers or promotions for season tickets purchased through either online or box office of the performing arts organization in St. Louis, Missouri? Look no further! The St. Louis Blues have a variety of exclusive deals and discounts available for season ticket holders. Fans who purchase the special themed ticket will receive an exclusive Cardinals cap honoring their favorite branch of the Air Force, Army and Coast Guard.

Plus, they will take home an exclusive double doll featuring Tommy Edman in the Korean team uniform and Lars Nootbaar in the Japan team uniform. Additionally, those who purchase a special themed ticket will be able to choose a Cardinals Cancer Awareness cap, which represents one of the eleven most common types of cancer in St. Louis. The Blues reserve the right to make exceptions and modify the season ticket policy at any time. The St.

Louis Blues also understand that the subscription holder may not be able to use each of the subscriptions in their account. To ensure that everyone has access to these special offers and promotions, they have partnered with Louis Queer+ Support Helplin (e), a community-based, not-for-profit, worker-led organization dedicated to providing healing spaces and comprehensive support for queer people in St. Louis Blues. This organization limits sales to buyers who currently reside in the Saint Louis metropolitan area. The subscription holder recognizes that the spirit of being a season ticket holder is not to generate profits or economic benefits for the subscription holder by selling tickets, including, but not limited to, any additional single-game tickets purchased at the subscription holder's preferred rate or group tickets, but is based on a desire to support St.

Louis's commitment to preserving and promoting the artistic form of musical theater through excellence in performance and education. Kirkwood Location Performance Space & Box Office The Ross Family Theatre/Kirkwood Performing Arts Center210 E. Louis Blues The season ticket policy governs and controls the purchase of season tickets by the purchaser of St. Louis Blues (you will have no further obligations to the subscription holder, whether under an agreement or otherwise, including, but not limited to, the loss of any interest in playoff tickets).

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