Unveiling the Mission of the Gateway Center for Performing Arts in St. Louis, Missouri

The Gateway Center for Performing Arts is a non-profit organization that strives to enrich and shape the communities of St. Louis by providing exceptional exposure, education, and expression in the performing arts. This mission is achieved by transforming the historic abandoned B'nai Amoona synagogue into a community center for the visual and performing arts. The Ross Family Theatre at the Kirkwood Performing Arts Center is the main performance space and box office of the Gateway Center.

It is also the main regional employer of local union actors, and educates thousands of students each year at its Academy of Performing Arts. This academy is the only year-round art school in the region with a comprehensive curriculum led by a professional theater company. The organization is also accredited nationally through the Commission on Accreditation of Community and Pre-University Schools of the Arts (ACCPAS).The first task of the founding executive director, Stephanie Riven, was to develop classes for visual and performing arts programs that would eventually become the core of the organization. STAGES receives operational support from the Regional Arts Commission for several years and receives funding from the 26% Arts Education Council, as well as from more than 40 companies and foundations. The Kent Theatre Arts Centre includes a performance hall with flexible seating that can be used for main rehearsals, dance classes, educational presentations, community and donor events, and special performances.

This production is a collaboration between Prison Performing Arts and the Theatrical Dance Program & at Saint Louis University.

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