The Repertory Theater of St. Louis: A Legacy of Performing Arts Excellence

The Repertory Theater of St. Louis is a renowned professional theatrical organization that has been in operation since 1966. It is part of the League of Resident Theaters and is committed to supporting charitable programs to help children, the underserved, and the community. The organization is devoted to raising public awareness of local community theater, encouraging excellence in the arts, and recognizing the incredible people who are part of it. The Kirkwood Performing Arts Center is home to some of the most remarkable performances in the region.

It has a complex that includes the Ross Family Theater, a studio theater, a 2,000-square-foot event space, and an event garden. The company had its first West End performance in 1911 and usually produces shows that are rarely represented by other companies. ARTS FOR LIFE is a local nonprofit arts organization dedicated to the healing power of the arts through its work with young people. Each year, ARTS FOR LIFE directs the Best Performance Awards for Community Musical Theater and the Theater Mask Awards for Community Works.

Louis Shakespeare was founded with the goal of professionally producing and performing the works of William Shakespeare, along with other dramatic classics, for St. Louis. More than 450 students (ages 6 to 1) from 200 schools and 85 zip codes in Missouri and Illinois sing in this extraordinary program, learning wonderful music that's challenging and fun, and making lifelong friends. KDHX 88.1 FM, located in St.

Louis, is a community radio station with a large and stimulating format that offers a center for the arts in St. Louis. As one of the largest multidisciplinary community arts centers in the country, COCA strives to create a St. Louis where everyone can experience and participate in the performing arts. From masterclasses and workshops to concerts and other fine art programs, Des Lee Fine Arts Collaborative events are designed to enrich and engage the diverse communities that make up St.

Louis. The Des Lee Fine Arts Education Collaborative is devoted to improving the quality, influence, attitudes, and accessibility of fine art by connecting educators, artists, and performers with the students of St. Louis.

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