Experience Unforgettable Nights Out with Group Discounts at The Rep in St. Louis

Are you looking for a unique and memorable night out with your friends, family, or colleagues? The Rep in St. Louis, Missouri offers amazing discounts and benefits for groups of 10 or more people. As a non-profit organization, The Rep is dedicated to preserving and promoting the art form of musical theater through excellence in performance and education. If you purchase a package of 15 tickets or more for regular-priced shows, you will be eligible for a group discount.

This allows you to experience the iconic musicals and visuals of our world at St. Louis, as well as the Young Artist Training Program (YATP) at the St. Louis Performing Arts Center. YATP provides high-quality, higher art education for students aged 8 to 18 at the Kirkwood LocationPerformance Space & Box Office The Ross Family TheatreKirkwood. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to enjoy a night out with your loved ones while also supporting the arts! Bring your group of 10 or more people to The Rep and take advantage of the group discounts available.

Deanne Neubig
Deanne Neubig

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