Exploring the Vibrant Performing Arts Scene in St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri is a vibrant city with a thriving performing arts scene. From theater to music to galleries, the city is home to a plethora of incredible places. Our artistic community is constantly producing award-winning works, and musicians from the region have won prestigious awards such as Grammy Awards, Country Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards and more.

Visual artists create inspiring and powerful pieces that are exhibited both locally and nationally. If you're looking for an exciting night out, there are plenty of performing arts events and performances to choose from. The Big Top is a unique experience that draws visitors in with its walls. The Chapel is a nonprofit venue dedicated to the arts and artists of Saint Louis.

Circus Flora is a world-class dance company that brings performances to the St. Louis region. COCA (Center for Creative Arts) uses the power of the arts and education to build a vibrant city of St. Louis that is creative, connected and inclusive.

The Fabulous Fox Theatre presents the best of Broadway in St. Louis, while First Run Theater provides a vehicle for regional playwrights to produce original, unreleased and never-produced works. The Grandel houses a state-of-the-art theater with capacity for 600 people. Jest Murder Mystery Theater offers murder mystery shows, corporate events, dinner theater, Christmas holiday parties and team building activities. The Kirkwood Performing Arts Center features the Ross Family Theater and the Strauss Black Box Theater, while the Kirkwood Theater Guild is one of the most fun and revered community theater groups in the area.

MADCO Dance entertains, educates and collaborates through innovative dance programs for communities across the country. Metro Theater Company creates professional theater and encourages meaningful learning through the arts. The Midnight Company is a St. Louis-based company that focuses on new and interesting work for the stage, screen and the Internet. Moonstone Theater Company produces classic and new works to educate and inspire audiences.

The Muny is the largest outdoor musical theater in North America, producing seven Broadway-style musicals every summer. Mustard Seed Theatre is a professional theater company resident at the University of Fontbonne committed to high-quality productions that explore issues of faith and social justice. New Jewish Theater is dedicated to the exploration of universal themes and issues filtered through the lens of the Jewish experience. New Line Theater was created in 1991 to engage people in the creation and exploration of provocative, alternative, and politically and socially relevant musical theater plays. The Premier Small Professional Theater in St.

Louis is dedicated to producing quality theatrical experiences for audiences of all ages. Slightly Askew Theatre Ensemble (SATE) is a collective of artists from various disciplines dedicated to storytelling through text, movement, soundscape, original music and technical arts. Louis Actors' Studio is located in The Gaslight Theater in historic Gaslight Square and committed to providing engaging theatrical experiences to its community of actors, writers, producers, filmmakers, and all patrons of the arts. The Black Rep is the largest professional African-American theater company in the country. St.

Louis Shakespeare is dedicated to producing the entire Shakespeare canon while St. Louis Musical Theatre is a professional nonprofit organization located in St. Louis dedicated to producing musical theater works from Native American art forms. Stray Dog Theatre is committed to unleashing art through theatre and community service in Saint Louis and its surrounding areas.

West End Players Guild provides dramatically meaningful plays that appeal to diverse tastes of St. Louis audiences. If you're looking for an art gallery experience, there are plenty of options as well! Artists First STL7190 Manchester Art St Louis1223 Pine Street Café Square 1900 Arsenal Street Cathy Gregory Studio Gallery2000 Sverdrup Complex8300 Big Bend Boulevard Ellipsis Studio STL3304 Meramec St Fine Art Graphics & Custom Framing7884 Big Bend Boulevard International Photography Hall of Fame 3415 Olive Street May Gallery Webster University8300 Big Bend Boulevard Meramec Contemporary Art Gallery11333 Big Bend Boulevard Museum of Contemporary Religious Art (MOCRA) Saint Louis University Fusz Hall3700 West Pine Mall Boulevard The Galleries at Heartland Art Club101A West Argonne St The St. Louis Artists Guild12 North Jackson Avenue St. Louis Mercantile Library are just some of the places you can explore when you're looking for an art gallery experience in St. Louis.

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