Exploring the Magic of Performing Arts Programs in St. Louis, Missouri

The performing arts are an integral part of any community, and St. Louis, Missouri is no exception. From concerts to educational outreach programs, the city offers a variety of activities and workshops for educators and students to explore the magic of the arts. In the department of The Rep, for example, there are workshops and live performances that bring the art form to life for a young audience.

The Collaborative also provides support to music and other fine arts educators at all professional stages, offering professional development, facilitated mentoring, support, and online resources. Barbara has served as The St. Louis Children's Choirs Artistic Director and Executive Director for the past 25 years. Under her leadership, the choir has impacted approximately 6,000 singers through its musical excellence and character development program. The choir is comprised of seven sets that include 350 to 450 students a year, ages 6 to 18, from more than 200 school districts in 85 ZIP codes in Missouri and Illinois. Steve Schankman has also had a major impact on the performing arts in St.

Louis. Starting in 1968, he turned Contemporary Productions into one of the largest entertainment producers in the country. The company built the Riverport Amphitheater (now Verizon Wireless), partnered with Joe Edwards on The Pageant, founded Dialtix, and put St. Louis on the map as a major entertainment destination.

In addition to helping charities and institutions raise millions, Steve has donated millions himself, including personally funding the huge and unique metal animal sculpture that frames a corner of the Saint Louis Zoo. He also continues to play the trumpet, playing with the Fabulous Motown Revue, the Sessions Big Band, and the Steve Schankman Orchestra. The Des Lee Fine Arts Education Collaborative is dedicated to improving the quality, influence, attitudes, and accessibility of fine art by connecting educators, artists, and performers with students at St. Louis schools who represent diverse grade levels, subject areas, school types, and perspectives. The Collaborative believes in the value of participation in the visual arts for learning and development. The National Assembly of State Art Agencies (NASAA) has created a succinct guide full of data that answers questions about why investing in the arts is beneficial for states.

It helps them achieve both short-term and long-term goals. Additionally, NASAA provides promotion training and visits to legislators' offices to emphasize the vitality of the arts in their home communities. The UAI fills an educational gap when schools and youth organizations don't have the funding or experience necessary to offer performing arts programs on their own. American Stories investigates the multifaceted histories and cultures of the United States through art. Access The Arts programs in St.

Louis region STAGES consist of classes, workshops, and performance opportunities that allow area youth with physical, cognitive or developmental delays to fully participate in musical theater. Kirkwood Performing Arts Center 210 E. Kirkwood Location Performance Space & Box Office The Ross Family Theatre offers classes for students who want to learn more about theater production or acting techniques. STAGES IN SCHOOLS programs instill in students a love for the arts and respect for theater professionals. From concerts to educational outreach programs to classes and workshops for students with special needs or disabilities - St. Louis offers a variety of activities for educators and students alike that bring theater to life.

Through these programs they can learn about theater production or acting techniques while also developing an appreciation for art.

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